New Life Productions, LLC - FILM SCENE STUDY GROUP - Columbia, SC
New Life Productions, LLC - Independent Theatre & Film Production Company
The FSSG is a resource for actors to come together, rehearse scenes, prepare for auditions and performances and practice other aspects of acting.  Actors helping actors hone acting skills by trying different approaches and techniques and make the scene/character believable. 
Important Note:  It is not meant any way to replace learning from an accredited school or qualified instructor.
1.  Prospective members:  Submit headshot and resume to NLP contact address.  
2.  For actors who are serious about film and are actively seeking film roles now.  If you are simply curious, just thinking about it, want to dabble and play, or may pursue a film acting career 10 years from now, this is not for you. 
3.  All members must have acting experience.  Prospective members must have experience in speaking lines in at least one stage production credit or film credit.  The scene study group does not teach acting!!
4.  Members may contact the group for emergency help with upcoming auditions.
The sessions are informal.  The sessions are free and therefore not facilitated by a professional acting coach or Hollywood actor.  Everyone has something to contribute whether they are not a professional actor.  The audience is sometimes the best critic!
 During each scene study we may:
  • Video record scene—we will attempt to keep scenes to 5 minutes or less
  • Scene is played back for the group
  • The group critiques the scene as to whether or not it is believable.  Comments will be courteous
  • The group members will offer suggestions on how to possibly make the scene/actors more believable
  • Record the scene again using suggested techniques
  • Scene is played back again
  • Scene is critiqued again
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